Friday, April 27, 2012

Fridays at our house

So we sort of have a schedule that sets the flow for the house throughout the week... Monday to Friday the kids all do there school work and the TV and all media are off limits. We do laundry everyday, dishes, and run our house...

Fridays are full...
Clean the bathroom
Clean their bedrooms
Sweep and wash all the floors upstairs
Wash sheets
Open windows and air out rooms
Do school work for the day

So one would think that Fridays would be the longest day of the week.

Not so..

Magically every member of the house under 13 wakes up at the crack of dawn, gets all there homework done without a murmur from me and cleans there room. Where school usually takes them until noon each day on fridays they are doe by 9:30. Breakfast is eaten and the table cleared (Something the have to be reminded to do at every other meal all week). Rooms cleaned, no fighting, maybe a little teamwork going on.

There pay off... MEDIA.... I allow them to play on the computer or Wii on fridays (in turn, and in 1 hour incraments) and we conclude the night with a family movie and popcorn.

But whats frustrating is that they CHOOSE not to do these things any other day.. They pretend they dont even know what day it is (sometimes what month it is), they forget they had to do math as a subject, they forget where the laundryroom is and where the garbage cans are located, they forget we have dogs that need to be fed, that there is no maid that is going to clear the table for them, that the point of eating is to get the food into your mouth not all over the table and floor before you.

AHHHH BUT ON FRIDAY!!! They are amazing!

On the upside i should be thankful that they are this productive at any point but i'm just not one of those positive people. Perhaps we should do this more than once a week? I wonder if it would have the same effect?

Maybe a media wednesday? I hate to have them on the computer to much... Maybe a craft instead? That would be of no interest to the older ones... We read a book together everyday so I cant entice them with that... I dont leave the house so no trips anywhere... Maybe a cartoon night? It is so hard to find cartoons that are apropriate though...

I will need to think on this.
As one point we had a Monday and Thursday night cleaning night in addition to the Friday cleaning (which was then on Saturday morning) but I found they wouldnt do anything at any other point, They wouldne hang there jackets up, pick up a paper if they dropped it, put anything in a laundry basket. They were convinced that they would have something to clean on Mon and Thursday if they just left it.

Ohhh the logic.

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