Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm back...

As i was saying...

We have done so much since we arrived.. We have all the wedding prep to do tomorrow. A rehearsal at Transfer Beach, then a rehearsal dinner, set up and then Saturday morning.... More setup.. at the beach... a wedding... then pictures.... a reception ... there son staying the night with us and then off to church Sunday Morning... I'm already tired.

My goodness the children are enjoying there stay! I have never seen my children having so much fun as i did at the beach yesterday. They were so cheerful and co operative with each other... we collected maple leaves and acorns. We wrote in the sand and skipped rocks. We saw jelly fish and a sea lion. They were absorbing all that was around them. It was such a wonderful day. Hopefully there are more to come...

Happily busy  here on the island.... ahhhhh....

Ahhh the island...

We are mid vacation... We have been here for a few days and we have done soooo much... We went to the beach, had dinner with family went hiking, an indoor play yard, the park...Big dog went paint balling..... I got my Tea leaves and tarot cards read..... Ohhh how i love the island!!! It rains a lot... But i dont care... OHHHH its sooooo beautiful! I wanna move back!!

More to come i have to unpack groceries!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who likes tupperware????

This past weekend I was invited to a Tupperware party. I was all over going because MY DREAM is to have this orderly home where everything has a place and there is a place for everything. So I went. Can I just say.... I LOVE TUPPERWARE!!!

It is organized, its space saving, its green, its SO PRETTY and functional. OHHHHH I WANT IT ALL!!!

Did you know they organize pantries!!! Delightful.

So anyways the party went well, to say the least I was inspired. As I watched this woman lead our party i thought I could totally do that...


I'm a Tupperware consultant!! Woo hoo....


Hows about that huh? I look forward to serving you. Its so time saving to be organized, its so compulsory right now that i get my ducks in a row. I want Superman to come home seasonally. This my friends can make all that happen....

I'm excited .... i love to organize!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Busy busy busy....

Thursday we are heading for Vacation to BC. We are stoping in Edmonton our first night to visit family and then will continue our journey straight to the Pacific Ocean... I am getting excited..... I was excited and then I was stressed... then frustrated.... giddy..... exhausted and now i'm excited again.

Its amazing the ampunt of work it takes to get 6 children one mom a dad and a gramma all headed in the same direction with toothbrushes and underwear!!!

But its almost there! Van has been cleaned, installed a seat cover.. (i only got one and a half made), picked up childrens gravol (a friend to all those kids with motion sickness), made fruit leather and granola bars... cut up ham and garlic rings, cheeses and crackers, the entire trip there we should only need to eat out once! I think thats pretty awesome (and very economical), all is well in la la land my friends!!

My dress did not arrive intime for the wedding as of yet... the sheep made it to the butcher but im not sure about the goats making it to auction (they are much faster than the sheep) But tomorrow is the last day for everything to get done so busy busy we are!!

Here are some of our family pictures (totally irrelevant but still fun)

I might just have the cutest kids and the best lookin hubby ever!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Ohhh i can hear the family members sighing and rolling there eyes... What is with that girl and ALL THOSE BABIES!!!

But alas...

We have put our application in for Domestic Adoption in Saskatchewan! We have an appointment in early October to finalize our application and to get set up to take our PRIDE courses and our Mutual Family Assessment. I feel less stagnant! We are making progress!

What are we looking for? Well obviously children are looking for families not families looking for children but the IDEAL children for us would be...
- a sibling group.. of three or more... ( we think that the transition to a large family would be even that more difficult for a single child and with all the loss that those children may be feeling, at least they will be able to feel safe with their siblings.)
- anywhere from 0-9 in terms of age (we want the children we have to be able to relate to the children we adopt and vise versa, however we want to have them feel safe and secure at a young enough age to make a difference in their personalities, and futures.)

Our children are very excited of course they think we are wonderful parents so they don't understand all the red tape. They figure we should be able to get these kids like, TODAY. But they are anticipating good things.

Now, lets be realistic... We are being realistic.... It will take time to get these courses under our belts (especially with Supermans schedule) but the eventual outcome we hope for is adoption of a sibling group. Hopefully all goes well but in reality we are just hoping for the best.

We hope that you will respect our decision and pray for us. Thanks

The Demarco Clan

Saturday, September 10, 2011

These days..

I haven't blogged lately and felt the need. So the last few days around here have been rough.

The saying "when mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" Rings true.  Mama just ain't happy. Why? I feel stagnant like nothing is happening and there is nothing i can do. I feel like i currently have no direction... I like to be a busy person but i prefer my own busyness. Like mama decided to move furniture today, mama ripped down a wall, Mama made the kids carry all the books in our home to a new location... These things make me feel like there is progress even when its just shuffling things around.

Superman was home for two weeks this time and it was so nice to have him home. Our relationship was different. We weren't looking for fights. We were both calm and reasonably collected. We were on the same page when it came to the kids. The kids enjoyed him. Now that he is back to work and staying in instead of coming home after his two weeks... I think i'm a bit resentful. I miss him. A LOT. Usually when he comes and goes I don't even think about it but this time its killing me! I really miss him...

Winter is coming! slowly the season is changing. Its getting down to crunch time. It will be frozen soon and there are things that need to get done before that happens...

-Move Superman's truck from where it died in the field back to the house.
-Clean up the yard... Including all the stucco we ripped off when we pulled off the addition.
-Take the Goats to auction.
-Take the large sheep to butcher.
-Rig a more efficient watering system for the animals this winter.
-Clean the garage.
-Most likely pull off the deck so (hopefully) we can get the siding done.
-Install a wood stove (just a dream )
- Fix the hole in the side of the house so that we are able to use our bathroom this winter (I love sub zero weather) (i also LOVE frozen pipes)
-Haul grain so we can feed said animals without having to hike through 4 ft deep snow and dig out a door everyday.
-Clean out summer clothes and replace with winter clothes.
-Fix the door so it locks BEFORE we take the deck off (i would totally forget and take a flying leap out the door)
-Fix the furnace so it turns on without having to wiggle a certain wire and re turn it on every couple hours through the night.

I'm sure there is more but I cant think of them.

In other words we are yet again totally unprepared for winter! How does it creep up on us like this? I will never know.
Now Winter in Saskatchewan is not all bad... it does have its perks...

-The fly population goes down considerably.
- The cricket population also dwindles.
- You can blame almost anything on the weather.

Anyways... Mama just ain't happy.. Stagnant.... I feel like I have no direction. I am tired... Super tired!

We will receive our application for domestic adoption on Monday, we did our orientation! I will go in for an appointment after we fill out the application and then we are able to start our PRIDE courses and our Mutual Family Assessment (home study) . That makes me happy I feel like we are making progress there.

Perhaps i will have direction tomorrow!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Summers over! A recap of some that has occurred.

Vacation to Medicine Hat, AB

My girls all dressed up in the Hutterite garb.

Cousin Barbra

Cousin Hannah

Supermans TWIN brother Dave..... Creepy....

Cousin Brian

Aunty ?? Mary??? and Baby ??? Tabbies baby...


TWIN brother Daves wife Elsie... She just loves getting her picture taken.

Ms. Proper, Barbra, the prim and Hannah

A whole lot of kids!!

Cousin Randy

Cousin Justin.

We had a lot of fun at the Colony. I got to see how the separate the cream from milk. Big Dog helped in the milking parlor for chores. Monkey climbed on things. The girls made tons of new friends. Exchanged addresses and have committed to pen paling one another. Big Dog made a few friends. We got to walk acres upon acres of gardens, visit Grammas grave, and visit with some great family!

While we were in town we visited my Dads Grave site. I wont say much on that for i fear my words will be stained with bitterness.

It was a quick trip. The kids were able to get there fill on the waterslides. It was well worth it to go!! We will most likely be stopping by that way on our way back from the Island in early October. Good trip, no major disasters.