Monday, October 25, 2010


Somedays we really get things done. For example the other day, my mother, my children, my aunt and I built a chicken coop. How about that we built a small 6X8 home for the chickens that will be coming in the spring(or sooner for the right price!) It was an amazing day. We were highly organized, we put dinner in the slow cooker, put out snacks, made sure all was done and clean and the day was just a dream... However not every day is this way.....

Today.. I woke up ... I was angry... my house was a mess..... my children have been at eachother since 630AM... the baby wouldn't nap.... I dont think I brushed my teeth today (hmmm)... Now my house is somewhat clean, I didnt step outside all day. I was hoping that Mr.Riggers rig would be shut down and that he would come home a few days early but it seems unlikely and now moms gone to work for the next few nights and will only be by for coffee for the next few days... I'm bummed... I feel like I squandered my time with mum, we should have done something amazing today and been highly organized but I didnt make it out of my sweats, I forgot I didnt have any pizza sauce until everything was chopped thawed and ready to be made into pizzas ( we had eggs and pizza makings for dinner tonight )

Somedays are just long, others are short, some you wish you could have all over again and some you wish would just end. Somedays (this is hard for my to understand) are just to rest, to get nothing accomplished, to be disorganized, to be crazy.

Somehow though, we got an incredible amount of school work done today. With very little arguement. How odd. maybe it was my breathe that subdued them.....

Off to take on the night now.... the children are watching Zorro in another room, they get really into there movies so I guess i better get the first aid kit out.

Like all things.... this too shall pass...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

October Days

I have to say I do not have a great feeling about Octobers. My birthday is in October as is our third son but we have had some pretty big loss in our family and it seems to always fall in October. Both my father and grandfather passed away in Octobers, Our home burned down on October the 17th, I had my second ever speeding ticket, and I had an eptopic pregnancy, oh yeah and last October we erected a garage by ourselves and put rafters up with my husband nailing the ends, me pushing the rafters upright with a 1X4 and my aunt steadying them with a 1X4 on the other side(It was not so awesome). And that's just the past five years! Not to mention the flies that October brings here in Saskatchewan.... ewwwww.... So Octobers are not my favorite. I am usually pretty edgy all month. This year.... I'm edgy... So far so I have managed to get my garden sort of dismantled.
Our water pump (which we depent on to pump water into our cisterns and our only source of house water) decided to die... no more fixy fixy... its toast.
Our lawn mower which only had to last one more end of the year mowing (although it is 3 acres to mow) also decided to die. no more fixy no more worky...
My goats are apparently able to jump over four feet in the air because the are getting out of the fence and they aren't going under... hmmmm...
My son who is currently two is potty training. Or at least mom has decided hes potty training. Not so sure if hes on board yet but he'll get it eventually.
But thankfully no one has been hurt in these mishappenings. I have lost my temper only once (which is amazing and had something to do with the lawnmower and my inability to use jumper cables while pushing the clutch and holding down the safety springs with a baby on my hip screaming... fun times...)

But that aside i think it has been a good month, we have been to two eco days at the Hale Oasis Retreat in Lumsden SK. Where a lovely lady Loreen and her son Justin put on Educational days for homeschooling families in the Regina SK area. There home is so beautiful and they are such nice people. They are in my prayers. The kids always have a blast there and they seem to learn a bit too.

Today we decided that since the rototiller was being tempermental and the two potatoe rows that we had left to harvest have rotted and are no longer usable that we shouldnt squander the beautiful day so we made a scarecrow for the garden. His name is Jessop and hes pretty darn handsome. I will take a picture and post it soon. The kids had a good day, I had a good day, I think all in all yet another week, despite our ups and downs is successful.

In our search for perfection let us at least find our way through this life!

Sleep well

Thursday, October 14, 2010

An ode to my sink...

I was in the garden today thinking about all the things I should blog about like why I love my sink so much. Not that its a special sink or has any particular gimmick to it but I love that it cleans everything so well. Our many dishes, each years harvest, Babies and toddlers that are way to big to be bathed in a sink, my hair on especially "haired" days. It just cleans and when your done it still looks shiny, and doesn't ask for much. What can I say small things amaze me.
Then I thought my garden would make an ideal post. It was full of so much harvest this year. Beans, Peas, Rhubarb, Cucumber, Zucchini, Carrots, Onions, Rosemary, Parsley, Squash, Pumpkins, Radish, and Potatoes (300 lbs of Potatoes!) And today while I was raking back the pumpkin plants to put them in the bonfire pile, i notice there were shrews running for cover. Now... hmmmm... Is my garden so very lush that the shrews are having a party in the amazing soil all around them? Is it that my garden has been so neglected these past few weeks that the shrews thought they could hibernate there for the winter? Or is our acreage being over run with Shrews! And then somebody needed a bum change and I lost the thought.

So many things to post about from our past, in a year we do SOOOOOOO much... But lets stay reasonably current.

I turned 29 yesterday.

You may laugh and say "Oh my she's young" but seriously it hit me really hard. I have always said that 30 is when I will stop having babies. Complications begin and for me it has always sounded like a good idea. I started having babies when i was 17 so 13 years seemed like a great time slot. However, looking at my kids I CAN NOT IMAGINE not having anymore or even just having one more... (I can just imagine every family member of mines Jaw beginning to clench) I want more babies. Now I don't specifically have to give birth to these babies but I would like to parent them. And it seems rather difficult and expensive to adopt in Saskatchewan so unless there's a grab and go baby store I don't know about, having babies is the way to have babies.

Oh another bum to change. Welcome to my ponder

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A new years resolution in October?

And so it begins... My resolution for my 29th birthday is to create and keep up a blog. I have tried to scrapbook. But who has the time?

We HOMESCHOOL... our six children....

We have 20 acres... Goats.... Sheep.... a large garden... an etsy shop..... a very unfinished 100 year old home.... a clothesline... a wool fetish.... cloth diapers... a serious problem with an untidy home.... and winters coming FAST!... we live on the Saskatchewan prairie...

I have no time to scrapbook.

So blogging will serve as a virtual scrapbook of sorts. For our family this will serve as a weekly "this is whats going on" because we rarely find time to coordinate chatting. For my husband how we will call "Mr. Rigger" it will be a godsend of pictures and feelings of home.

For me, when i get that totally unorganized feeling... it will be a reminder that I do get things done and "LIKE ALL THINGS, THIS TO SHALL PASS...