Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pregnancy WEEK 8

So in having Six children i realize that 8 weeks is NOT a lot of things.... Its not worth a picture to show you how I'm "Showing". Its not counting kicks and telling you heart rates... with 200 some odd days ahead of us in this pregnancy it seems a long way off to D-Day.. But I'll tell you as a mom of many its not long off at all.

Now is a time of sickness for me.. But i will honestly take this over the third trimester any day. Some cramping, food aversions, nausea, and lightheadedness are what are days currently bring... Moodiness and tiredness plague our days but really its not so bad.

I have an Ultrasound Thursday to rule out Ectopic, due to past pregnancy. Once I see this little one in a good place, with those heart chambers swooshing blue and red, my heart will be set at ease. I will be calm....

Two more sleeps!!

Pregnancy is a fascinating time. I always change every pregnancy, i am a different person every time.. I have been the extreme natural pregnancy lady, the give me drugs and lots of them pregnancy lady, the ignorance is bliss pregnancy lady, the i only eat fruit because everything else makes me sick pregnancy lady. I have done henna on my belly, belly casting, tattoos while pregnant(i didn't know i was pregnant at the time).I have had natural births, epidurals, a long list of drugs, pitocin inductions, natural Castor oil inductions. My labours have been from 2 days to 30 minutes (that one was the best.. thanks goodness for my Mother that day). My husband has been by my side(once... but he compared me to a bovine so he doesn't get invited anymore) and my Mother the other five, My aunt was with my once.. for the most natural and most active of them..

My point... This is exciting! Each pregnancy is different, each birth is different. Each baby is TOTALLY different and each grows into a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT person...

I believe that every experience builds our babies... I cant wait to see what kind of baby the next 7 months will build!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

And the beat goes on...

Our Christmas tree is up.. Our stockings are hung and it is still November. This is the earliest we have ever put our tree up but with Superman off to work until Christmas it was our only chance to do it "as a family". It looks very festive. This weekend marked the children's primary presentation in Church. It was a lot of fun. The kids all remembered their lines and all smiled at the crowd before them. It was so nice to see them up there, participating.

Things are getting done... Some days i feel like wow... I organized that whole room, other days i think wow... i didn't even brush my teeth today. Its a toss up as to what will come each day. With Superman home he fixed our only toilet, Installed a baseboard heater into the room with no heat, had snow tires put on the van, went to the doctor with me (bonding time), and i believe today he is setting up the animal waterers for the winter months with heaters and such... So that has been productive. We did the major building for our Bookcase to kid kitchen makeover (the little ones Christmas present) I am painting it with melamine but Superman cant stand the smell so i have to wait until hes back to work to finish that.

I am feeling tired (week 7 ) a bit nauseated (not too bad) and a whole lot disorganized and discouraged....Its hard to keep up with all the fighting between the married folks around here... always about money and each others lack of communication and follow through... He is home for only a few more days and then its back to the solo gig... I am hormonal and right offended at his rederick... grrrrr.... grrrrrr.. grrr....

Considering finding a job... to "help out" what a joke that would be.... hey maybe Tim Horton's would hire me? Ridiculous!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A quickie but a goody!!!

I had planned to keep a secret until much later when i was sure that everything was perfect... but if you know me at all ... there's no perfect and i find it agonizing to wait for anything... So ....

Despite all my hormonally raging recent blog posts...

We are expecting!!!

I am due July 14th 2012. Which makes me just about 5 weeks...

Now this is obviously early to be jumping for joy but we have been waiting for so long and i feel like things will be alright... ( I had an eptopic pregnancy before J-Bear and was given a Methotrexate injection to "reabsorb" the fetus. I was 9 weeks at the time) I am feeling fabulous. Of course i have many many plans... Right now I am just happy, Superman is happy. The kids are happy.

Please pray for us.  Thanks


By the way there is a new ticker to help guide my progress. We will keep you updated!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

NOVEMBER 6th 2011.. The FIRST snow fall!

I am AMAZED it hadn't snowed earlier. The year i had J-Bear it snowed on October 12th. Every other year since we have been in Saskatchewan it has snowed on Halloween. So the lack of snow this year has been delightful. However it began to snow last night and has yet to stop.

I attempted to take my trusty Econoline filled with children to church this morning.... We packed cinder blocks in the back... a shovel.. a jack... and our emergency kit... JUST IN CASE!

Well... It took me almost an hour to drive 30 kms.... that's 15 out and 15 back home... Gramma took the truck and Big Dog (i love 4x4s) in instead (to pick Mrs. Proper up from a slumber party), then she will pick up Milk and Bread for the week and head back here.

I think we are going to be housebound for a while. I will put Snow Tires on the Econoline and hopefully that will make a difference, but she was slipping all over the place! ... I am still a lot shaky from my accident last year, so the snow makes me very apprehensive about driving.. I don't mind being home when its cold outside.

Hoping all of you a good Sabbath Day. Drive safely!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Renovation updates Day 4!!!

These folks at Price- Rite Building are efficient... they have done in four days what we could never do.. PERIOD!

 West side garage, South side

North side garage

North side

North side


The East side

East and South side

It looks great, they are kind. Dont mind the kids watching them.. Its so comforting to know that the house will be warm this winter... No frozen floors, no snowing indoors... Hopefully no frozen pipes... (unlikely but i can dream)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Why does reality bite so hard??

Today was a busy day...

Woke up.. took a pregnancy test... NEGATIVE AGAIN!! woo hoo... Not meant to have a baby in July it seems.

Mom hauled wood and garbage from her place to our hole while i cleaned the yard and removed a post so i could back the truck close to the barn. By 2 o'clock we were both sore and tired. But since it is supposed to snow tomorrow we still had more to do. We hauled about 200lbs of grain from our bins into the barn so that when it snows we can still feed our cows and sheep.

Mom donated a cast iron tub from her recent renos, so we put that in the cow pen and i will hook it up this weekend.

The kids were outside all day other than a few hours of school this morning, they played in the sand, rode the quad, rode in the back of the truck, helped with the grain. I was exhausted.. them.... apparently not so much because it took until now to get them to bed! GRRRR!!!

So I was supposed to start my PRIDE training tomorrow. Of course i'm not going because EVERYTHING ALWAYS GOES WRONG...

Yesterday the truck broke down, so we replaced the battery and poof she rides again.

The week that Superman was home he told me .... and I quote " This is why i don't want anymore kids" in response to a screaming fit of Birdies because she didn't want to sit in her car seat on the way to church. " We need to get control of our own before we get anymore"..

At first i was Sad... then enraged that he thinks i am such a bad "child tamer" when hes gone. Then as the days progressed i switched back and forth between sad and mad about it.... I settled on sad..

Sadly hes right...

I hardly find time to school them let alone school any more
I hardly find time to read to them... to teach them to read... to bake.... to sleep... to bathe... to get them to lessons....

I don't work outside the house... I don't have anywhere to be other than here and i am so unorganized and tired i can barely get dinner on the table...

Hes right.....

I suck at this mom thing... No wonder i'm not getting pregnant.... God sees my failures from the last six and vows never to make that mistake again...


I cancelled the PRIDE course and my babysitter. Remind me in future to not even go there about adoption.... Remind me that my parenting skills are lacking... that I am me.. not Supermom.

I think that's it... I want to be "that woman" but i'm not her. I'm disorganized, I'm a clean freak in a house that is never clean, I have obvious control issues and parent with 100 % emotion...

I'm sure my children will turn out alright....

but now i know that i wont be bringing any other children into our home unless by Divine intervention.

As I cry over my keyboard i am obviously not okay with that statement. But life is what it is. So if not more children then what does the Lord have in store for me?

In the near future i see a lot of tears but beyond that.... the Lord only knows.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011



Renovation update!!!


I awoke at 6am to a group of men laughing outside. Its our DEMO crew!! They are taking off the stucco today!! I will take many pictures!! I will have a beautiful house soon!! I am so thankful, so happy, so excited! I cant wait to see how it turns out. I cant wait to see what a difference it makes in our power bills and the heat consistency during the winter....

We are a giant leap toward a finished house!!

in case you missed my excitement... WOOOOO HOOOOOO !!!!!!