We are a Christian family. Without denomination. I was raised by my mum (non religious), grandmother (non-practising Roman Catholic) and in my teen years my dad (the biker type). I converted to and was baptised a Mormon in 2000. I don't go to a Mormon church and I teach my children from the Bible (KJV). My husband (hutterite) was raised (i guess you could call it German Amish?) When he left the colony he had no denomination. He is a Christian. We went to a United church a few times but we decided not to attend anymore. We read our bibles, we study them. We read them to our children, our children read them, we have discussions about them, we pray, we praise God. We love God.

We home school... We use Sonlight this year.. We have children in "Grade" 6, 2, and 2 in Kindergarten.
Next year we will use Sonlight readers from Core 1/2, Singapore math, Auto mechanics (Big Dog), Sewing and homemaking (Ms. Proper and the Prim), French, and CANADIAN history (sources yet to be determined)

We have 6 children
Big Dog (11)
Ms. Proper (8)
The Monkey (6)
The Prim (5)
J- Bear (2)
Birdie Gail (1)

Mr. Rigger's been my husband for 2 years and partner for the past 9. He grew up on a Hutterite Colony in Southern Alberta. He left when he was 18.He works as a driller on a drilling rig in usually Northern BC, AB, SK. He loves his job, he is truly working his passion (everyone has one they say), he comes home to havoc most of the time but he loves his children (and his wife) and he is a good man.
He is loyal, kind, and the funniest person i have ever come in contact with (although I'm sure that sometimes its not intentional). He has a very cute accent, a great bottom (mmmm..) and fantabulous pipes.... I dig him... He is our provider, my best bud and a fun dad (most of the time). We have not had a perfect relationship... there have been ups and a whole lot of downs... we have needed a lot of tolerance and patience, we have used a lifetimes worth of forgiveness but we are still together. We still love each other. We are still IN LOVE with each other...

Gramma, is a great women. I am very blessed to have her be so active in our lives. She moved with us to Saskatchewan in 2006. She is a Registered Nurse and she is just lovely. She loves laundry (told you she was lovely) , has a bit of a short fuse but knows when to laugh about life (something I wish I could learn). She spreads her self a little thin at times but I love spending time with her. She helps me a lot... With the kids school, harvest, gardening, sanity, and at times insanity... Shes my mum... I love her...


I... hmm... am turning 30 this year. I love love love LOVE being a mom! The day to day is sometimes not so glamorous but there is nothing in this world that I would rather do than hang out with my kids. My children are growing up so fast... I know they will all lead very different lives but I look forward to watching them develop and grow into the adults they will one day be.

I am a believer in Christ, not judging others, baby wearing, attachment parenting, cloth diapers, being self sufficient, homeschooling, tattoos and piercings, freedom, and the ability to walk your own path.

I don't really have hobbies... I just do things.... I don't particularly enjoy any thing any more than anything else but the "things I do" are:  Knit (sort of), crotchet, sew, paper crafts... stuff like that.

I... We... want more children... for me... ( I cant speak for my husband.. he says "whatever God gives us will be just fine").... but for me... I agree... I just HOPE its lots more..... By adoption, or birth I want to raise more babies. I think about it everyday. We had considered fostering, but we found it problematic to work in classes to Mr. Riggers schedule. Perhaps we will be able to revisit the issue at a later date.

My faith and my family are the two things in my life. They are all I need. They are my everything.

I hope that you will enjoy my rantings and ravings... I am hopeful that maybe this blog will make someone smile or laugh every once in a while. Or maybe someone will feel less alone by reading....

Blessings to all...

And if you know anyone who wants to give us their kids.....


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