Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A quick update sadly lacking pictures...

So today Superman flew back to work for a week. He will return the 27th and then on the 28th we have an appointment to see my Dr. to check me and send my induction papers to the hospital! We need to plan these births. It is just to much stress to leave it all to spontaneity. I am so thankful that the Dr has agreed to induce me.. With a history of short labours i get really nervous about making it in to the city and to the maternity wing of the hospital before i toss my lil' cookie! I am also so thankful that Superman wants to be there. We have had some miscommunication and angst in the past that caused him to not be there for the last three children. He has only seen me birth once... Maybe I will wow him with my self control (unlikely), but I'm thankful he wants to be there. Hes a good man.

We celebrated Fathers Day over the weekend, we went on a DATE (first time in years) last Thursday night, had a dinner with friends, he build the main part of our new deck, installed the plumbing for my sink in the new bathroom, I went out for the day and came home to a clean house, he even cleaned the BBQ. He got a lot done this week while he was home, I on the other hand was pretty tired but it worked.

So this last week of pregnancy i will pretty much be relaxing. There are many things that I probably should be doing, but really none of such great importance that they cant wait. The weather is muggy and wet. So not a whole lot of gardening is getting done, not alot of yard work. We only have one animal left to feed and the house is about as good as its going to get for a while.

My last Dr's appointment he did a handheld ultrasound( Coolest thing I have ever seen!) because there was a question as to whether baby was head down or not. Yes he is head down, but in fact so far down that Dr was having trouble finding his head... Which brings us to the answer for why i have to pee as soon as i stand up from the toilet. Pressure is a constant. my pelvic bone sometimes feels like its going to break but Dr. assures me that it will probably move yes, but not break... (comforting) but I have a tentative end date, I know my Dr apt is next Thursday and that I should be induced over the long weekend.. That makes me feel much better about relaxing for the next week.

The kids are doing well. We bought a Trampoline with a net surrounding it when Superman got home and the kids are all still complaining about torn muscles and cardiac issues. They love it, but moderation is not there strong suit so they over do it and get sore. I am looking forward to being able to jump with them in the near future.

Will post again when baby arrived and let it be known how things went. Here's to hoping all is well for you...

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