Monday, November 15, 2010

A post without a picture

So much happens here in a few weeks, where does one begin....

Mr. Rigger has come and gone yet again. He was home for 10 days this time. He hauled our water, he went and got the bails for our Sheep and Goats. He cleaned out the garage! I'm always meaning to do that, but i never quite get it done. We had some ups and downs this time. It was really busy and when it gets busy we get tired, and grumpy, and sometimes we forget our manners. I forgot my manners.
Mr. Rigger expects a lot from me, and I demand a lot from him. Sometimes we dont mesh well... Then when he leaves again... within moments we realize how we squandered our time together. But hindsight is always 20/20.
On a lighter side we have gotten a few things done. We are up to date on our school schedule. Which is always a miracle and something that we need to take notice to. We have settled in for winter I think... Its time for us to knit, crotchet, get our school done for the year, make clothes, plan the garden for next year, and use up all that harvest we spent time preserving. It seems as though its been slow lately... Even though we have done a lot it is hard to remember what those things were, and how do you measure personal growth on the to do list?
Personal growth is a hard one for me... The kids grow so quickly, Mr. Rigger is always changing location, schedules, plans... Mom is always changing her mind, always so creative... finishing a room in her house, knitting, working, planning outings for the kids, long term, short term, jobs, I think the hardest thing for her is deciding what to do next... there is sooooo much to do. I feel as though I should be growing too, and of course I am but not in the same way. I want to be meeker and more patient, more submissive,a better wife and a more consistant mother, I want more children to parent, to organize what we have not diversify and get more. I want to help more. Help my mother to be happy, help my husband with finances, help my children to be close to God, help them to learn and to be fufilled with what they have. I want to downsize in the hopes of mental clarity.

I'm all over the place... I pray for guidance and it seems my answer is "yep you have a lot to do... but you forgot you also have to....." more prayer is needed.. I guess in the busy months i don't have time to think and now my thoughts need to catch up..

Hopefully I will have time to blog soon, a happier more together blog post and maybe even with pictures!