Sunday, April 8, 2012

The blizzard rolls through..

Thursday this week we spent the day outside, eating DQ dilly bars because it was sooo hot, and we were all parched. We spread a blanket and just enjoyed the day. Something I haven't done in ages. Birdie and I watched the others play a game of kickball and it was just an absolutely delightful day. Something we needed. We needed to smile and laugh and be outside. Despite its mildness it has been a long winter.

Then Thursday night it gets windy... Friday morning it begins to snow and by nightfall we have winds at 45k gusting to 60. We moved all the mattresses into our living room and co slept for the next two nights, watching movies and trying to keep high spirits through the storm.

Its Sunday now and although still windy my nerves are hot, I can not have them all in one room anymore and my efforts for togetherness have turned into each of them having a rotten attitude and not being able to cope with the days comings. They want.. they want... they want...

She did... he did... they were.... I want.... Tell them to stop.... You "Better" go tell her/him to....


Its Sunday.. remember the sabbath.. The day we are supposed to be thinking of others, enjoying the day with God... REMEMBER!?!?

Not so much around here. I am thinking it is going to continue to be a rough day despite my chocolate chip pancake with whip cream breakfast..

I was inclined to give them their Easter baskets yesterday so the little ones would have new things to keep them occupied in our tight space.. Which worked but for the older ones it just caused possession and turf wars.

Hopefully they all make it through the day with all limbs still attached and no serious injuries...  So far we have had a biting incident, a butter knife threat (ohhh 2 year olds), three or four temper tantrums, a two stair fall (more like dramatic roll), and a face two inch from another evil eye screaming fight.... And the Prim has just informed me.... Ms. Proper has stated "She doesn't deserve to be alive" ( A little drama after being sent to your room for hitting your sister because " She was just about to do something rude.... I know it" )

Ahh the joy of being a mother of many. I have to learn to laugh more about things.. instead of at them... 

Well linen to wash and chores to be done.. Pregnancy update for 28 weeks... My back is killing me from sleeping on a mattress on the floor with two kids crammed in my armpits, but other than that... I cant complain. I feel wonderful. I have been lifting some 4lb weights a couple of times a day and trying to get in a 30 minute walk each day. Each days exercise totaling about 30 min cardio and 2-3 sets of upper and lower body exercises. I feel like its helping my circulation which is usually my worst complaint. The younger kids are learning to walk on there own and understand that mom cant carry them for a little while. I am finding that my limbs are going a bit tingly or numb when I sit cross legged or lie on my sides but i think that comes with this stage of pregnancy. A little nausea, and dizziness from low blood pressure but all in all a good week physically. ONLY 12 MORE TO GO!!!


 Decorated eggs by our clan... Or at least whats left of the two doen that we started with....

Helping with the laundry? I see a squatter in the basket contaminating the socks with cat fur for all of us that are allergic... But at least shes smiling... And monkey boy of course CLIMBED onto the dryer and cackles when he realizes that hes busted for not helping....

Yeah baby, thats natural..... alllllll natural.

J-Bears attempt at an angry face.... No matter what he still looks cute.... Darn that being blessed with good looks... darn it all!!!

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