Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh that time does fly...

Days are getting longer on the prairie but it seems as though we are losing time. We wake get breakfast, get some school done, have lunch, the kids play outside, its time for dinner, then bathes, reading and bed. The same routine over and over without much deviation. Thankfully things are getting done.

Last week when I went to the Doctor he told me I am gaining weight to fast. To which I replied "well maybe its time to refer me to my OBGYN now..." I have gained 25 lbs.. But in my defense I think I was having a fat day (seriously) my scale at home a week later says 176 which is 6 lbs under my Dr visit weight. Anyways whatever.. I'm going to gain more and then I will have to lose it just like every other pregnancy so "What of it?" Dr.A seemed rather concerned, he told me of the risks of preeclampcia and all of the awful things i was doing to my body by being overweight... Then as he took my blood pressure 96/70 he says "You should really up your fluid intake, a consistent low blood pressure is a bad thing you know, I'd like to see it a little higher come next appointment" SO... Make up your mind buddy!

I left no more knowledgeable then i entered.

I have some pictures for your viewing pleasure... Our kitchen "PHASE 1" complete. Base cabinets and counter tops. A picture of my overweight 27 week preggo body, and maybe some other stuff...

Dry fitting the sink

Superman ordered some super cool Stainless nosing. Great way to finish the edges for the novice tiler.

Its so shiny and pretty.. Easy to keep clean... I am lovin' it.

Putting it all together in our former Computer room.

Our lasy Susan (there are TWO) one on either side of the stove. I love them.

My belly WEEK 27. 13 weeks to go! Baby number 7 pregnancy number 8. I might just be vain but i don't think i'm all that huge... Its not a perfectly round belly, but really my body doesn't look normal even when i'm not pregnant... Check out the lack of posterior cushion.... Yeah.. I have an entire body part missing... NO BUTT at all.. Just a back and legs... Ahh the joys of body structure.

On a healthy note. Made my self a little work out routine that I can do while i'm with the kids . Weights with my little dumbbells in the kitchen while I cook, step ups on the stairs whenever i walk by the stairs, an oath to only sit when I'm reading to the kids, helping with homework or when my legs are burning so badly i cant stand to stand. Drinking lots of Raspberry and nettle tea (making Ice tea in a big jug and that's my water quota for the day) taking the kids for a walk down the country road everyday (for the past three..but its a start) Birdie is walking the whole way (quite proud of her), and trying to watch what i eat a little closer.. Laying off the bread, which i think is my only problem. More veggies and less bread. That ought to make a difference. I hope. Joined which has a nutrition tracker and it totally free, so that's helping too.

We will have to wait another 13 weeks or so to see the product of these efforts but for the in term I feel good about what I am doing on a daily basis and the effort I'm putting into this pregnancy so I think that's all that matters...

Back to the hum drum...

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