Thursday, May 10, 2012


This past week has been full of effort on every ones part. The yard work was done for the first time this season which took all of two full days, with almost everyone helping. The 2nd bathroom is completely mudded, and primed. There has been two van loads of "stuff" taken to the Salvation Army. A few things liquidated and about a dozen boxes packed. Superman cut the wood i need to build another book case, the living room has been partially packed so that i can patch the walls and paint this week.

It has been really busy!

We are attempting to finish a few things around here and put the house on the market in the next month or so. The ideal situation of course is that we would put it up for sale and BOOM she sells! Give a August 30th possession date, and get packing! Then find a place we like and hopefully they have a quick possession date in mind as well. Then have this baby, pack it all in a moving truck and a trailer to haul behind our van. Drive out in the Van, have Superman and big dog fly back. Pick up the moving truck and drive that out. That way we are all there safely, with two drivers in the van (i think it will be to hard to drive when i have just had the baby and need to breastfeed and maybe even nap a little??, plus keep the kids entertained, the vomit subsided, and everyone in and out of the van for bathroom breaks alone with Superman driving the moving truck and me by my self with the kids)

This is of course the ideal... In reality we have soooo much to do before then and by the sounds of it my dearest husband has been given an opportunity to stay in and work through to June the 13th. I don't know what he will decide in lue of that. We could use the money. But the house could use his touch as well. He has heard rumor that his work may shut down for a few weeks in June which would be great if he stayed in now, but not so good if it doesn't happen (that's the thing about rumors, right?)

To try to stay positive and busy i am setting some small goals for myself in the hopes that when they all add up it will have made a difference. This week the goals are as follows:

Patch the holes in the living room and tape the bare drywall.
Sand, mud, repeat until the living room is ready for paint.
Do a big shopping trip.
Cook and freeze 15 meals for after baby.
Clean out my fridge.
Pack the rest of my room.
Collect boxes from wherever.
Maybe if i get time prime the living room.

None of these jobs are huge but I hope they will make a difference in the long run.

I still have to
Mud, sand, repeat, or patch. Girls room, hallway, staircase, laundry, my room.
Put moulding around all the windows.
Clean and pack anything we can to make it easy to clean up and tidy looking.
Get down on all fours and scrub the floors
Do minor repairs
Scrub out the washing machine.

Superman and the kids have to:
Clean up the yard
Clean out the barn and Quonset
Get rid of anything outside we can
Put sub floor down on the landing to the garage so it can be lynoed
Clean out the garage.
Pack his tools
Send the cow to the butcher

Its not that much to do when i write it out like that... wooo hoo! I better get started while birdie is still down for her nap.

On Pregnancy:
This week I went to the Dr to have my referral resent to a obstetrics Dr. It was faxed to them but they have changed the way they do things now so the referrals are all to be send to the hospital and then they send them to the Dr's. So my referral was returned to my Dr's office and as far as i know this form has not been found or sent to the hospital. SO next week when i should be having another appointment I am going to go to this ob-gyn Dr. get the form that needs to be filled out, take it to my Dr., have him fill it out, and WATCH IT BE FAXED to the hospital. Then HOPEFULLY i will get an appointment to see a delivery Dr and my nerves will settle a bit.

My mom informed me that she was going to put together an emergency birthing kit "Just in case" Scary thought! I hope i don't need it but it is a possibility at this point.

Baby is getting larger, and more cramped. He kicks all day long, and presses on my bladder. I have heartburn but i actually feel pretty good about my appearance. I don't think i look to bad. My leg and veins are a nightmare but it will only be another month and a half until they start to get better.

I am excited and exhausted all at the same time. I need to pack a hospital bag. Hmm.. maybe i will do that today some time.

Happy renovating, and person creating to all!

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